Yo to the Yo

From pizzas to pocketwatches, spin them up and watch them fly. Launch novelty yoyos out of the atmosphere and slow time to snatch them by the string before they crash into the Earth. Learn more.

Super Murderwolf

Steer your hoverbike through a beat-synchronized, serpentine martian landscape, at outrageous speeds, while jamming to the sounds of the future. Don't crash. Play it for free.

Dayglow Empire

Jump between car rooftops in this cyberpunk inspired platformer. Don't hesitate, the police will shoot you down. Don't blink, a duck will be your doom. Stay safe out there. Play it for free.

About Us

Nox is a battle-hardened programmer, game designer, and musician. His interest in programming was first sparked by the effort to customize his Neopets homepage. He now specializes in C++, with work experience in numerous other languages and paradigms, but retains a deep interest in programming language theory and the philosophy of programming. As an independent contractor, he has developed front and back-end software for many notable companies. His approach to game design is that of extracting maximum fun from disarmingly simple gameplay mechanics through variation and iterative refinement. Although not proud of his alma mater, he holds a B.S. in mathematics from NC State University.

Lux is a 2D artist, animator, and graphic designer with extensive experience in digital arts. Largely self-taught, her work has been displayed at juried exhibitions including at the NC Museum of Art. She is skilled in Adobe Photoshop and Flash, with experience in Corel Painter and Toonboom, as well as with traditional media. Her abilities span a wide range of styles, from photorealism to low-resolution pixel art and anywhere in between. She draws inspiration from the attention-to-detail and charming diegesis of the works of Disney animators and Imagineers, and has a deep appreciation for the technical abilities and craftsmanship of fine artists and commercial illustrators of the past.