Hello Again, World

Like all things, success has a cost proportional to its degree. Although, judging from the success of talentless fart guzzlers like Mitt Romney and Kanye West, it would appear that this cost sometimes exercises itself in unapparent ways.

Perhaps the misdeeds of a past life are catching up to me, but try as I might, the world will not bear its fruits quite so easily. On the contrary, the world seems to be going out of its way to fight me at every step. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, has gone wrong, and will continue to go wrong.

This is my third go at making a career of game development. Teammates of the lazy, ignorant, and uninspired variety have made sure that prior attempts never made it far past the first hurdle. Maybe the third time’s a charm, maybe the team is better than ever, or maybe I'm just not as great as I think, but mark my words: this is it, and you can stick your naysaying so far up your ass it comes out your ears. Don’t tell the world, but this time I'm going to break its stupid fucking face.

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