Hello World

Introductory posts are implicitly and unavoidably narcissistic. In creating one, regardless of content or phrasing, it is implied that the author believes himself to be worthy of some extended period of contemplation, that his opinions are remarkable enough to deserve a footnote in an expanse of stimuli and instant gratification. Although it manifests in a variety of ways, narcissism is inherent to human nature. Everything a person does, particularly in direct reference to himself, is constructed to serve that person’s interests and stroke his ego.

So let’s not delude ourselves. I'm here because I think I'm better than you and believe I have something special to offer the universe. On a fundamental level, I'd like to uphold a standard of innovation and quality in my art that rejects pretension and artificiality. Assuming a certain level of ability, if your work is thoughtful and crafted with care, the product’s value should be self-evident. No pseudo-intellectualism required.

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