Work for Hire

Purple Pwny is a two person full-service independent video game studio. We develop our own IP side by side with the IP of our clients. Our size is one of our greatest assets—offering you the perfect balance of flexibility, affordability, and style. Our indie aesthetic and work ethic is unmatched. You won't find another studio that will work as hard for you as we will.

All work is done in-house, saving you time and money. We are always available to chat, and can collaborate with you to tailor solutions that fit your budget and goals.

The following is a non-exhaustive showcase of projects we've been involved with; it serves to demonstrate the breadth of capacities in which we've contributed.


Our artist, Lux, supplied all pixel art character sprites, animations, and painterly background elements for this design firm's first foray into mobile game development.


We added some punch to this turn-based mobile game's powerups and attacks with hand-drawn effects animations

Pixel Miner

We contributed conceptual sprites for this 1-bit Pebble watch game, creating life and movement despite severe technical limitations.

iOS Shoot-em up

Nox recorded original music and a palette of spacey sound effects for a sci-fi themed shoot-em up due out on iOS.

A hard hitting chiptune inspired loop for use during a boss fight
Three shot burst from a laser cannon.
A boss charges up a beam weapon and sustains fire before powering down.

Brad's Rough Draft

An advergame for Tough Season, a web series from Lenovo and The Onion. We developed the entire game in 6 days. Play it!

Chrome Death

Lux created all pixel art and animations for this screaming-fast minimal action game straight from the retrofuture. Available for iOS and Android.

Projects of all sizes

Whether you're looking for an entire game, a soundtrack, or just a few sprites, Purple Pwny can make it happen.

Our contributions to otherwise externally developed projects include:

We specialize in fast turnarounds without sacrifices to quality. Dayglow Empire and Super Murderwolf were each conceived and produced entirely in under 14 days, and went on to be featured by various media outlets including PC Gamer,, and Indie Game Magazine. Put our manifest expertise to work for you.


Advergaming is the fusion of advertising with video games; it's marketing made interactive. Advergames allow organizations to truly engage their audience in ways consistently proven to be more effective than passive old-media advertising.

Traditional advertisements are frequently seen as a black box into which money is funneled, and whose true efficacy is notoriously difficult to measure. Advergames, on the other hand, can be outfitted with extensive analytics that provide measurements of exactly how effective your game is at converting users into leads, and, ultimately, into paying customers.

Purple Pwny has the experience to help you achieve your advertising goals for considerably less than you might think.